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A well-written arrangement allows performers to shine at their level of accomplishment, expresses musical genre through parts that are intuitive and natural to play or sing, and delivers the maximum enjoyment to both performers and audience.  As every choir, chorus or orchestra at any level who has performed a really well-written arrangement will testify, these benefits apply not only to education but to beginner, experienced and professional groups alike.  

As well as regularly conducting her own arrangements with choirs and ensembles, Ros has written numerous arrangements to order with varied and sometimes challenging briefs.  In particular, she has been commissioned regularly by Camden Music and BEAT to write arrangements for massed choirs and orchestras at education concerts such as Camden's biennial festival at the Royal Albert Hall (pictured).  A typical arrangement might involve a massed choir of 1500 voices, advanced players in a Jazz Band, a Concert Band and a Youth Orchestra, a rock band and large groups of Wider Opportunities players (pre-Grade 1 level) on violins, trumpets, trombones, recorders and ukuleles.  All players need to be involved without compromising the music; such forces can be difficult to reconcile but have the potential to create a thrilling and inspiring effect.  Ros is fascinated by this balance of inclusion and high quality results, and her arrangements bear this out.  

Ros Savournin is well-versed in the capabilities and strengths of singers,

from young untrained primary school children through to professional performers. 

She can write idiomatically for a range of instruments (including both modern and baroque orchestral instruments) in a wide variety of musical genres. 

If you would like to commission a bespoke arrangement for a project you are working on... 

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